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In the last and Fourth Mysore war with the British, Tipu on the verge of defeat came out of his damaged Fort and himself engaged in battle exposing himself to the volley of fire.His horse fell and Tippu lay critically injured. This was on 4th May 1799. But he still had his favorite sword with him. A British soldier tried to snatch away the royal sword, but Tippu killed him with the same sword that he intended to possess! After Tipus defeat, the sword was sent to London with other loots. On India's independence, it was brought back to India, only to be smuggled out as a collectible. The federal authorities seized it in 1988 and retained in India..

The Sword Of Tipu Sultan

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Warren Hastings 1774

Lord Cornwallis 1786

Lord Wellesley 1798

Lord Curzon 1899

Governor Generals and Viceroys during  the Purniah history as narrated here

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