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The above painting is of the 3rd Mysore War 1790-1792 which the British won. In the Treaty of Srirangapatnam Tipu had to pay an indemnity of 3 crore rupees and deliver two of his sons as hostages till the money was paid.The scene of Tipu's sons as hostages is seen above. Tipu was heart broken so much he abandoned his bed to sleep on pieces of coarse cloth and that too for a few hours a day. On the right we see the beautifully carved four-poster bed, Tippu was believed to have slept on. The bed originally stood on a 5-foot high carved legs with had a stairway for climbing to the bed .This furniture was with the Jaghirdar of Arni till about 1920 before he sold it to a foreign tea planter, Mr. D.E.D. Cohen.
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These paintings depict the fourth and last war between Tipu and the British fought on 1799 where the British with its allies (The Nizam and the Marathas) won. The scene on the left shows Tipus last fight and on the left is the map where General Stuart and General Harris leading the armies at their command attacked and the place where Tipu was killed. (4th May 1799)..
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