After 60 odd years when we three brothers visited Bangalore into celebrate the wedding of the eldest son who was the direct son of the dynasty of Purnaiya we looked back at the early days. I ( Ramachandra Rao Sahib Arni - Chandru, in white Kurta), the author of this web, and my younger brother ( Ranganatha Rao Sahib Arni ( Babu, in blue jeans ) were both born in this Mansion. The others in the picture are Venkata Rao Sahib Arni ( Pom, the eldest in Pink) and our son Vidyuth ( the tallest in the picture). The visit to Purnaprasad was the main result of my wife. Hema, who insisted that we see the place when we came to the wedding.

The picture above is at the Anjaneya temple in the Purnaprasad complex

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