William Hogson Architect and son of famous Astronomer Norman Hogson



The sketch on the left was done by William Hogson who was the architect of our Poosi Forest Palace. It was constructed sometime between 1885 to 1895. He also constructed  other famous Buildings in Madras Presidency.



This was the old Departmental store ,Spencers in Madras whose architect was also William Hogson/Opened on December 2,1895



This page is  a result of Ms.Sarita Armstrong, resident of UK who came across some uploads I had made of our palaces in You Tube. She then discovered that the Poosi  palace was designed by her great grand father, William Pogson.She traced the sketch from one of his manuscripts and found that he thought this "was one of his best".

This bungalow was designed and constructed by William Hogson in Kodaikanal and is known as Hartwell House


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