Let us pose a hypothetical question with humor and impertinence. Suppose the British continued to rule over India, or suppose the Indian Government did not enact the Estates and Zamindari Abolition Bill, then who were in line to become the Jagirdars of Arni?

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Venkat Rao Sahib Arni ( Pom) Ramachandra Rao Sahib Arni (Chandru) Ranganatha Rao Sahib Arni (Babu) Vidyuth Rao Sahib Arni (Vidyuth) Siddharth Singh (Sid)
Venkat Rao Sahib, being the eldest of the  three brothers, would have become the thirteenth Jagirdar, and since he did  not have any children, Vidyuth Rao Sahib, who was the only son of Ramachandra Rao Sahib,  would have become the fourteenth Jagirdar, Again since Vidyuth is childless at this moment , Ramachandra Rao Sahib's only grandson, Siddharth ( through his daughter, Sagari ) could become the fifteenth !
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