Extent of the Arni Jagir

arn_crest3.jpg (11901 bytes) The Jagir of Arni was situated in the district of North Arcot in the then Presidency of Madras. Its extent  was 211 square miles and comprised of 192 villages. The city of Arni is about 20 miles from Vellore. The Palaces were situated 3 miles from Arni in Sathyavijayanagaram (S.V.Nagaram for short). It was bounded on the NORTH by a range of hills which formed the southern boundary of Vellore and westen boundary of Arcot Taluqs. On the EAST  lay the Arcot and Wandewash Taluqs. On the SOUTH and WEST lay the Poloor Taluq. The population of the Jagir in 1875 was about 80,000. (ie just 380 per sq mile).



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