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The "Moola Brindavan" of His Holiness Sri Sathyavijaya Swamiji is situated on the banks of Kamandala Naga Nadi in Sathavijayanagaram village ( where the Arni Palaces are also located ), and which is about 2 miles from Arni in the North Arcot District of Tamil Nadu. Sri Sathyavijaya Swamiji is one of the illustrious descendants in the pontifical line of Sri Uthardi Mutt, the 23rd in that order since Madhavacharya.

The Brindavan is three centuries old . The village, which is itself named after the Sri Sathyavijaya Swamiji was actually formed after the installation of the shrine here by the then Jagirdar of Arni, a devout Madhava Brahmin himself , in accordance with the desire of the Swamiji.

It then became the headquarters of the Jaghirdars and was a flourishing Madhava Centre of  Learning with many pundits of eminence in all branches of Sanskrit,largely owing to the patronage of the then Jaghirdars of Arni. Since its very beginning the Mutt was under the care of the Jagirdar as he was the head of the mutt and he made effective arrangements for the daily Poojas and the annual aradhanas of the Swamijis. Things went on smoothly till the Zamindars were abolished and the Jagir taken over by the Government. Funds then dried up and though the daily pujas are still being performed on a very small scale the annual aradhanas have suffered. As a result  the upkeep of the premises and the renovation of the the mutt premises are in a a bad way. Furthermore, due to the Dravidian Government of Tamil Nadu, the Madhava Brahmins, who somehow or the other kept the mutt going, dispersed to other parts of India and the end of this mutt is not far off !! Unless of course Persis and Siddharth make it their Karma to do so.
SatyaVeera_sm.jpg (23099 bytes) simhasana.jpg (39365 bytes) Sri Sathya Veera Theertha 

Srinivasa Rao Sahib (the 10th Jagirdar) did not have a son for a long time and yearned for one. Despite his visits to various temples, conducting yagnas and homams the wish remained unfulfilled. Until one day he was advised to seek the blessings of Sri Sathya Veera Thirtha , ( 25th in order  of Sri Madhavacharya ). Though the Jagirdar was skeptical about the veracity of Sri Sathya Veera Theertha's

assurance that he would be blessed with a son within a year he was gratified that this did happen.The Jagirdar then invited Sri Sathya Veera Theertha to his court and presented him with many gifts and donations to his mutt. Though he named his son Srisathayaveera, the traditional name of Thirumala Rao Sahib was preserved. ( The photo above shows the Jagirdar giving his simhasana to the Swamiji and taking a seat on the ground to the swamijis right.)

Here are some photos taken in the year 2005 of the mutt and the performance of a Abhisekam.


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