Dad's Cars - Anecdotes and Snapshots

studebaker_motion_med.gif (25494 bytes) During 1926-28 the US Studebaker company had a Sales Promotion Drive in South India when a rally  from Madras to Ootacamund via Bangalore was held. He participated in the rally and clocked a record 9 hours 40 minutes for approximately 380 miles. He only had 1 Studebaker then. His final collection of Studebakers was 8. ( The photo on the left is a Studebaker of the same model but not "this photo" !
Though his total purchases were 182 cars in 44 models he did not possess a Rolls , a Mercedes , a Jaguar or a Citroen which one would normally have in such a large inventory.
1948Cadillac_rec_sm.jpg (7161 bytes) In this car, a Cadillac, he left  Bangalore ( Westend Hotel- which was his residence for over 35 years) on 7-3-49 at 7.50 am and arrived at our home in Madras at 12.05 pm for lunch. It took him 4hrs 15 minutes for 210 miles. Quite a record on Indian roads and traffic.
He maintained his cars in such an impeccable condition ( even lubricating his cars personally in the service garages) and built up such a reputation that when he sold his second hand cars it was at a fixed price and the buyer was not allowed to drive it.
1948Bentley_sm.jpg (5906 bytes) Possibly the last car he purchased was the 1948 Bentley. He came in it from Bangalore to attend my marriage in Jan 1954. The present he gave us was to take Hema and me out in it - just a drive for 45 minutes. It was an exquisite demonstration on the art of city driving which we will always remember..
A handwritten note in his log book on 20/3/42 gives his inventory on that date. 3 Buicks , 1 Chevy, 1 LaSalle, 1 Lancia, 1 Oldsmobile and 1 Mercury - all parked in WestEnd Hotel, his residence.
1947 Chrysler Newyorker_sm.jpg (7915 bytes)

His last stock of cars in 1949 consisted of 1 Buick, 1 Lincoln Continental, 1 Cadillac , 1 Bentley and this Chrysler NewYorker.  He had to sell one by one as a result of his  financial catastrophe and only retained the Chrysler till his death 1n 1989. His Karma.- 182 cars in 25 years and 1 car for next 40 years.

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